Sunday, February 27, 2011

8:32am and The Weather Underground says "Snow in the morning". Looking out the window, I'd say they are correct. Our departure time is High Noon, and the route has already changed. Intentions were to go West on 70, but there is a big ol' radar blob that tells us we should head straight South and hang a right.
The iPod, the Phone, the computer, and the camera batteries are charged. Everything is packed, and ready.
Thanks to my good friend, Shaheen and her husband, we've got a free place to crash. (I love my spread out friends who make it easy for a gal to travel and crash!)

The goal: Get to Durango before 9pm. Tomorrow morning, we'll scout various vantage points along the route of the Durango/Silverton train line for photos ops for after our train ride, which will be the focal point of the trip. Scouting this location for Jerimiah's film short, "The Woman in the Steam". The train ride is 3 hours long, and will take us thru some awesome canyon land.

We are hoping to garner enough information to determine if we can 1.) Actually film in a rail car while the train is in operation. 2.) Can we do it at night. 3.) Find out how much this operations will cost in the end. This all comes down to if the project can move forward or not at this time.

I'm a producer. Doesn't pay.. but, it's something to work on, and so far, Jerimiah has been pleased with my contributions.
Aside from that, I'm just stoked to get some time under my wheels and have the chance to be a passenger on a trip for a change.

Time to make some sammiches.

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