Thursday, February 24, 2011

More road trips scheduled!

Tomorrow, I've got an 8 hour drive to Durango.  I've been asked to a producer for a film short with Under Oath Productions! The movie involves filming on a moving train, so the Director/Screen writer, Jerimiah Whitlock and I are going to Durango to scout out the Durango/Silverton Railway.  Should be a very cool excursion.  1800s train, canyon ride, winter time... 

The next trip is scheduled for April 5th.  Heading down to Austin, Texas to hang with friends, and warm up my body core.  I haven't seen 80+ temps since July, and I'm about due.  The lizard in me needs a heat rock. 

And finally, May 19th, I'm being flown to Florida to be the wedding photographer for my good friend's wedding on N. Captiva Island on the Gulf side.  It also involves a trip to the Salvador Dali museum in St. Pete. 

So, of course this means there will be some photos coming up very soon, and hopefully some good tales from the road.
The big difference on these trips are, my dog Mingus will not be coming along, and instead, my co-pilot on all 3 trips will be a human.. Jerimiah Whitlock.  A real navigator!  Someone to drive some! 
Someone to help document the road.. as it's very hard to snap shots and log while driving. 

More to come!!

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