Friday, April 15, 2011

AUSTIN: Part 2

Woke up in the tent to discover my newly covered in Chigger Bites feet.  Ugh.  This was going to hurt for quite awhile.

We broke camp, and headed to town.  Our first stop: Aranda's #2 for breakfast tacos.  I got my usual Bacon/Egg/Cheese/fresh Pico, and a big ass glass of Horchata.
Horchata is a Rice drink with cinnamon and ice that is cool and refreshing.  Jerimiah had never experienced it before, and tried it before asking what it was.  He was blown away by it, and confessed he'd never thought he'd like a Rice Milk drink.

After a kick ass breakfast, we headed to our 7th floor high rise accomodations downtown, thanx to my former employer, The Good Dr.
We unloaded our two scooters from the Honda Element, and hit the road.
I took Jerimiah for a cruise, and he mentioned we should stop by the Magnolia Cafe' on S. Congress to see if his friend Jenn was working.  She was, and it was a great surprise, because once we were seated, we found out Jenn was going to be our server. 
The look on her face when she saw Jerimiah was priceless.  We hung there for a bit, and soon after hooked up with Jerimiah's other friend Brit, who then lead us to their apartment for some A/C and downtime.  It was decided that we should hit up the "Pitch and Putt" course downtown, and have some outdoor fun with clubs and balls.

I haven't swung a club in years, and it showed.  Your only clubs consist of a Pitching Wedge, and a Putter.  9 holes. 
It was hot.  It was sunny.  I was unprepared.  Generally, I would have not done this activity in the middle of the afternoon to start with, but, we were on the fly... I also did not have water, sunscreen or a hat.  These things are critical to Texas living.  I'm lucky not to have died at hole 7.

Later on, it was time to hit up the event I came here for.  The Residents.  That obscure cultish band that has been cranking out music since 1972.
It was a great show, I got to see some old friends, and Jerimiah saw a show unlike he'd ever seen.
My musical heroes did a great job, and I'm glad to have seen them again. 
After the show, we cruised around town some more, and then headed back to our digs.  The skyline was great, and it was a big comfort just to be in Austin again.

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